White-throated Kingfisher

This White-throated Kingfisher, a regular in our neighbourhood, spent a lot of time patiently outside our house today, eyeing targets … More

Three interesting guys

Came across these three interesting guys working at an icecream outlet along the Mumbai-Pune expressway just now. One is from … More

Coppersmith Barbet

It was after a pretty longtime that this lovely Coppersmith Barbet flew down to the mulberry tree in our garden … More

Rock Pigeon

Speeding away outside our house was this Rock Pigeon, which I captured on my camera in the morning. Indraprastha, Hadapsar, … More

Common Iora

I finally got a lovely picture of the Common Iora, which took a brief halt in our garden before flying … More

Fascinating story

It was way back in the early 1970s that I remember seeing this then long haired cousin of mine, Belle … More

Hitech changes

How technology changes the way we live. My nephew, Ashwin Rao, who lives in California, but travels extensively around the … More