The importance of repairs

Mahesh Nepate

Gayatri Belle and I believe in getting appliances, gadgets and other gizmos repaired and restored instead of dumping them and buying new ones. Fortunately in cities like Pune and in our locality, it is easy to get people who repair a whole lot of stuff and make them functional again.
Today, for instance, there was this mixer-grinder that was leaking and needed replacement of a part. I went to this small, roadside shop where Mahesh Nepate, just 22, is always there and busy repairing a wide range of mechanical and electrical gadgets.
The shy youngster took one look at the mixie and in about 15 minutes replaced the worn out part and charged me a small sum for the work. He works for more than eight hours and people take all kinds of stuff that have stopped functioning; patiently and methodically he repairs, gets the spares (sometimes one has to wait for a day or two if he does not have the parts) and go back home happily with the now-working gadget.
Mahesh (his family is from Indapur, a town about 130 km from Pune), tells me he finished his schooling, but joined his dad in the trade and has mastered the skills. He also works as an electrician, visiting homes and setting things right.
Wonderful to know that the family trade is running nicely in many places across India.

Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Aug 4, 2020

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