Hitech changes

How technology changes the way we live. My nephew, Ashwin Rao, who lives in California, but travels extensively around the globe on work has a powerful mobile phone with which he can do a lot, even controlling many features on his Tesla electric car at home.
Ashwin, who was in Mumbai, showed me how he controls the Tesla at his California home with the mobile from anywhere in the world. For someone like me who is wary with new technology, even shoddy handling it, I was amazed with the seamless way he was interacting with the car located thousands of miles away.
The hitech and environment-friendly vehicle of the future has mindboggling features including solar panels, wireless chargers for phones, cameras, and importantly no ignition.
I’m sure the expected rollout of driverless vehicles over the coming months would see users being driven home from airports, offices and wherever else they want the cars to pick them up.

Feb 23, 2020

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