Losing close, dear relatives

The past six days have been the most traumatic and tragic for me in my life, when I saw three of my closest and dearest relatives pass away.
Dr I. K. Bhagyachandra Rao, my ever-cheerful and smiling brother-in-law, after battling for life in hospitals for a few days, died on Feb 13. He was 76.
Hours later, on the morning of Feb 14, Dr Radhamma Rao, my smiling and happy mother-in-law passed away in Bangalore after struggling for a few weeks. She was 78.
And today morning, B.R. Vasanth, the retired Indian Navy Rear Admiral, and my eldest cousin brother, who would be brimming with ideas and dreams passed away at a Bangalore hospital after battling valiantly. He was 88.
All the three dear ones will be in our minds forever.

Pune, India
Feb 18, 2020

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