Pedaling through life

There was a time way back in the late 1960s when many of us had a passion for bicycles. I remember pleading with my mom for 25 paise to take on hire a cycle for an hour. In those days there was hardly any traffic in Bombay and I would cycle from our home in Vakola pipeline to the military camp and old airport, the new Santa Cruz airport, on to SV road and Linking road and then to the western Express highway and Kalina, where the campus had not yet come up. And with friends on their cycles we would pedal past the homes of Bollywood superstars Rajesh Khanna and others.
But then as I grew up, I got used to motorcycles and then cars. Today finally bought a brand new bicycle, which I aim to pedal early in the morning inside our complex as a great way to keep fit. But no way am I going to ride it on the main roads and highways.

Indraprastha, Hadapsar, Pune

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