Hassle-free dining on the go

Nithin Belle
Filed on August 15, 2018
(Khaleej Times, India Independence Day report)

The EazyDiner app lets you make restaurant reservations in 10 destinations and nab discounts as well

YOU were busy with packing and trying to rush to Dubai airport to catch a flight for a short visit to Delhi that you’d missed selecting a restaurant for a lunch you were planning to have few hours later with a potential business client there. It would be too late in the night to look for a good restaurant and make reservations. But wait, you’ve remembered you have the EazyDiner app on your phone. You quickly go through it, select an eatery, set a reservation for two for next day’s lunch – and to top it all, you not only get a confirmation, but also a hefty discount.

Welcome to EazyDiner, a unique app created by a group of chefs and hoteliers that have worked in the best hotels and restaurants around the world and are now making things easier for those looking to eat out – whether it is planned it a week in advance, or just thought of 10 minutes earlier. “Just as Uber and Ola have reduced the friction between the cab driver and traveller, we have reduced it between the diner and the restaurant,” says renowned hotelier Kapil Chopra, who had started EazyDiner. Chopra was earlier the president of the Oberoi Group hotel.

The new company has all the answers for an enjoyable, authentic and friction-free table booking experience. It offers instant confirmation of less than 18 seconds on its website or mobile app for booking in over 3,600 restaurants in Dubai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

About 15 per cent of these restaurants are in a special category for users who have opted for the ‘Prime’ option, where a minimum 25 per cent discount is guaranteed. Chopra points out that there are 1.1 million subscribers signed up on EazyDiner, and every month, half a million of them dine at restaurants they have booked through their app.

The four biggest markets for EazyDiner are Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and Bengaluru. But the average spend in Dubai is much higher than other cities, adds Chopra. He also refers to the seamless ‘cross-traffic’ between Dubai and India. A lot of Indians based in the UAE book restaurants through apps while visiting India. Likewise, many Indians travelling to the UAE reserve seats at restaurants using the app.

Interestingly, many people are hesitant to call up a restaurant and book a table for lunch or dinner. But with the app, they do it as it gets them hefty discounts. Hotels and restaurants are also happy as they get customers who plan their visit in advance.
“They can then manage and optimise their bookings,” says the veteran hotelier. When asked about the tendency of people eating out, Chopra says that the younger generation are more willing to go out for lunch or dinner. “The European culture of eating out is rapidly gaining popularity in India and other parts of the region,” he says.

The company generates revenues from hotels and restaurants, who buy a spot on the app. “We have a robust business model,” he adds. EazyDiner aims to expand services to more than 25 cities in India, besides getting into Saudi Arabia as well. “We have got long-term international funding,” says Chopra.


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